Touq Property Services

In the dynamic landscape of the UAE real estate market, one name stands out for its commitment to excellence and innovation – Touq Property Services. As a leading player in the industry, Touq has redefined the standards of real estate management, offering a comprehensive suite of services that cater to the diverse needs of property owners, investors, and tenants.

Step 1: Assess Property Viability

Consider factors like location, size, layout, facilities, and condition realistically to determine rental demand and pricing potential:

Central zones like Al Reem Island or prime areas along Airport Road tend to see highest interest
2-3 bedroom flats/apartments have maximum leasing appeal for families and working professionals
Larger 5 bedroom villas preferred for corporate rentals and multigenerational households
Furnished units achieve higher rents, though leasing unfurnished is lower hassle
Facilities like pools, gyms, play areas add value for tenants if well-maintained
Repair defects like leaks, AC issues, or unsightly wear-and-tear before listing
Matching property attributes with tenant preferences optimizes marketability and achievable rent levels.

Step 2: Handle Mortgages and Approvals

Sort out any mortgage issues on the property prior to renting:

Clear rental intent with bank if the property has an outstanding home loan
Obtain necessary approvals from developer, owners association, or community
Have required insurance coverage as a landlord in place
Settle any service or utility bills owed on the unit
Meeting key obligations and having proper documentation gives peace of mind when renting out the asset.

Step 3: Work With a Real Estate Agent

Experienced real estate agents facilitate every aspect from listing to tenant sourcing:

They photograph and market the property through MLS platforms like Bayut
Qualify prospective tenants through background checks
Arrange viewings and communicate offers/terms
Support lease registration and contract execution
Coordinate deposit payments via escrow accounts
An established broker with Abu Dhabi market knowledge is worth the fee for their expertise.

Step 4: List the Property

The right listing showcases the property’s strengths while setting expectations:

Highlight location, layout, amenities, and any upgrades
Use professional high-resolution photographs
Set a realistic price derived from comparable analysis
Outline available dates, lease duration options, and key terms
Provide agent/owner contact information for inquiries
An accurate, visually appealing listing gains maximum visibility and interest for the property.

Step 5: Screen Prospective Tenants

Not all tenants are created equal – careful screening mitigates risks:

Review KYC documents like passport, residence visa, employer details
Require income statements or pay slips to confirm ability to pay rent
Speak to current and past landlords for reference checks
Assess personality fit and intentions through in-person viewings
Inspect prospective tenants’ current residence to gauge living standards
While time-consuming, tenant screening reduces chances of delayed payments or property damage.

Step 6: Select the Tenant

Once applications are received, compare prospects:

Give preference to tenants with longer residence permits and solid references
Opt for corporate leases if available – added stability
Avoid overcrowding by ensuring sensible occupancy for property size
Pick personality and lifestyle fit over minor rent differentials
Consider Right to Sponsor clause for expats to secure 3-year leases
Making the right tenant match avoids disruptions and maximizes rental income continuity.

Step 7: Execute the Lease Contract

The contract locks in terms to protect both parties:

Specify lease duration, rent amount and frequency, utility charges
Set deposit amount equal to few months’ rent to cover damages
Outline tenant responsibilities like maintenance/repairs
Include Ejari registration to enable online rent payment
Clarify landlord rights of access and inspection
Account for issues like bounced cheques and early termination
Reviewing the contract together and addressing queries before signing avoids misunderstandings.

Step 8: Collect Payments

Rent collection needs oversight:

Follow-up for post-dated cheques for rent and deposits as required
Ensure first payment is made before handing over keys
Keep Ejari registration active for electronic transfer ease
Proactively coordinate timely post-renewal payment
Stay alert for non-payment red flags requiring action
Proper payment protocols and monitoring safeguards rental income flow.

Step 9: Manage the Tenancy

Ongoing management helps avoid problems:

Address maintenance complaints promptly within defined scope
Conduct periodic inspections to identify issues early
Enforce lease clauses for unauthorized changes, damages
Extend lease early to avoid vacancy gaps between tenants
Pay service fees and utility bills for vacant periods
Return security deposit less deductions after lease termination
Hands-on tenant management contributes to property upkeep and occupancy rates.

Step 10: Review and Optimize

Continuously improve the leasing experience:

Keep property well-maintained through upkeep funding
Enhance furnishings and amenities to support rents
Adjust pricing based on demand patterns and competitor data
Streamline processes using rent collection software
Obtain tenant feedback to rectify pain points
Renegotiate terms with long-term tenants to retain them
Ongoing reviews and enhancements maximize rental yields and utilization over time.


Leasing an Abu Dhabi property successfully requires patience, local know-how, and hands-on effort. But following a systematic process from assessing property viability to optimizing management facilitates maximizing rental income. Given Abu Dhabi’s expanding economy and population, real estate owners can tap into stable, long-term demand by catering to tenant needs and adopting smart leasing practices. The rewards are well worth the diligence.

The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Touq app was born from the idea of creating a carefree real estate world with no restrictions on property owners, where the owners and tenants benefits from fair pricing and an open platform for growth. The system has been designed to create trust between owners and tenants in real estate transactions. The system will provide a layer of protection to both property owner and tenant when evicting the other.  Touq makes it possible for Property owners and tenants to save time and money. From listing to marketing to analytics, Touq makes it possible for agents to save time and money. You can try it now.

تطبيق طوق هو منصة عقارية جديدة عبر الإنترنت تقدم خدمات عقارية شاملة.

بداية من الإعلان عن الوحدات من خلال أصحاب العقارات مباشراً إلى التسويق حتى التحليلات و الحصول على المستأجرين المحتملين. يحتوي تطبيق طوق على كل شيء. يمكنك جعل قائمة منزلك المجانية كمالك للعقار والحصول على عملاء محتملين بجودة عالية في هاتفك ؛ يمكن لأصحاب العقارات بسهولة إدارة منازلهم وقوائمهم وجهات الاتصال الخاصة بهم باستخدام تطبيق طوق. التطبيق متاح لكل من منصات الروبوت ودائرة الرقابة الداخلية. ولد تطبيق طوق من فكرة خلق عالم عقاري خال من الهموم مع عدم وجود قيود على مالكي العقارات ، حيث يستفيد الملاك والمستأجرون من التسعير العادل ومنصة مفتوحة للنمو. تم تصميم النظام لخلق الثقة بين المالكين والمستأجرين في المعاملات العقارية. سيوفر النظام طبقة من الحماية لكل من المالك والمستأجر. طوق يجعل من الممكن لأصحاب العقارات والمستأجرين لتوفير الوقت والمال. يمكنك أن تجرب ذلك الآن.

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